In 1995, PINC Founder Peter van Lindonk found himself reading one of the first editions of Fast Company which introduced him to TED, a relatively unknown conference owned by Richard Wurman. Intrigued, he attended his first conference the following year. Shortly after, Peter discussed with Richard the creation of a European version which Mr. Wurman replied “Do it yourself.” And so begins the story of PINC (People, Ideas, Nature and Creativity).

One Fateful New Year’s Eve

After 16 successful years as a day-long conference in Zeist, The Netherlands, a fateful New Year’s Eve party at the van Lindonk’s Sarasota, Florida residence introduced PINC to local entrepreneur and Founder of atLarge, Anand Pallegar. Anand and the van Lindonk clan found themselves discussing the incredible impact PINC would have in Sarasota and, together, they laid out the initial plans on a little cocktail napkin; a huge adventure cemented on a tiny, delicate paper. The group took that spark and ran with it, expanding the reach of PINC to the United States.

Sarasota Experiences PINC

Sarasota experienced PINC for the first time on November 6, 2014 to a sold-out audience in the tiny Florida Studio Theatre. With demand high, PINC later transitioned to the historic Sarasota Opera House and, in 2016, became one of the leading initiatives under DreamLarge. Born from one principle – Wherever we are, whatever we do, we have a duty to serve our community – Anand saw a perfect home for PINC in DreamLarge, whose sole purpose is to enrich the communities we serve through innovation, while making a difference through human connection, storytelling and thought-provoking initiatives.

PINC – A Bubble Bath For Your Mind

Today, PINC is an inspiring cascade of new ideas, great stories, and impressive visual presentations that culminate in a day-long experience delivered by a superb selection of international speakers from every imaginable discipline. The PINC experience aims to bring together thought leaders, innovators, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, specialists, designers, artists, scientists, and people looking to stimulate their mind, heart and brain. If you want to be inspired, you want to be at PINC.