Manal Rachdi Joins the PINC Lineup

PINCers - say hello to Manal Rachdi, architect extraordinaire and the newest speaker of PINC.Sarasota 2017.

Manal went to the School of Architecture in Nantes, France, where he began his artistic journey. After co-founding his first agency, OFF, he decided to go solo and started Manal Rachdi OXO Architects. Manal’s architectural methods transform research and analysis into driving forces of design.


Past collaborations with major names in contemporary architecture, such as Duncan Lewis, Dubesset Lyon and Ateliers Jean Nouvel, have led to multiple successful projects for Manal, including a couple of his favorite projects: the school in Obernai and a social housing project in Valencia, Spain.

The current partnership between Manal Rachdi OXO Architects and Sou Fujimoto aims to bring a floating village of sorts to Paris. This nine-story reverse pyramid, titled Mille Arbres (or the Thousand Trees), is designed to free the ground for a park while creating a floating, vibrant green community.


We look forward to hearing from Manal in just 128 days! Learn more about his architecture firm here.