Eugene Liscio

3D Forensic Visualization Specialist

The Reconstruction of Incidents

Canadian engineer Eugene Liscio, saw how 3D visualization was used to conceptualize new aircraft machinery while working for a supplier to the aerospace industry. This alerted him to the power of 3D technology as means to communicate ideas and concepts. He soon concluded that this technology was not only suitable for visualizing the ideas of the future, but could also be used to reconstruct past events.

Since 2005, Liscio’s company AI2-3D has specialized in three-dimensional measurement, analysis and creating reconstructions of accidents, murders and shootings, working for the police, forensic investigators and lawyers. His clients usually want an objective analysis of the incident, but owing to the “CSI Effect” – a reference to the TV series on forensic science – there is a growing demand for full 3D reconstructions, intended to convince juries in court.

Liscio is a lecturer at Humber College in Toronto as part of their Crime Scene Investigation program and is actively involved in research into the use of 3D technology for forensic reconstruction, which is being conducted both at Humber College and at the University of Toronto. He also provides training for police officers and forensic experts in the US and Canada.

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