PINC challenges and inspires with innovative thinkers

Note: This article was originally published by the Herald-Tribune

People. Ideas. Nature. Creativity. Better known as PINC, this unique event, now in its fifth year, brought together 12 global thinkers on our local Sarasota Opera House stage, presenting their forward-thinking initiatives to an appreciative audience.

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Five Questions with Filmmaker and Humanitarian Caroline Baron

Caroline Baron has her hands full. When the Golden Globe-winning filmmaker isn’t producing work such as Capote and Monsoon Wedding, she’s raising two boys and working with FilmAid International, the humanitarian aid organization she founded 20 years ago, that uses film to educate displaced people around the world.

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Five Questions With Detroit Dirt’s Pashon Murray

Pashon Murray is the co-founder of Detroit Dirt, a company that collects waste from restaurants, corporations and even the Detroit Zoo and converts it into soil for urban gardeners and farmers through composting.

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