On Nov. 6, PINC—which stands for people, ideas, nature and creativity—comes to Sarasota, the first time the gathering will be held outside the Netherlands. Nelleke co-founded PINC with her husband, Peter, who died almost two years ago, and continues their vision to extend PINC’s reach.

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Are you ready for PINC.Sarasota?

For most of us, the word ‘conference’ conjures mental images of yet another suit and tie, up on stage, clicking away at a PowerPoint presentation with about as much excitement and enthusiasm as a patient headed in for back-to-back root canals. But, the PINC Conference, man oh man oh man, the PINC Conference is anything but. Suit and ties, yeah…they’re there. Projected presentations? Yup, loads of them. But imagine barrel fulls of excitement and enthusiasm, from both the audience and the speakers themselves. And by barrels, I mean entire oceans.

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