Going to PINC? Here's What to Expect!

On the day of PINC, you will be joining an eclectic group at our fifth annual PINC Experience! The DreamLarge team has worked incredibly hard to bring this day to fruition with the support of some incredible partners.

Here's some important information to prepare you for the day of, so you know what to expect! 

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The Who and The How and The Little Conference That Could...

At PINC, we always promise a day full of surprises, big and small. Our speakers often surprise the audience with their passion for things most would never dream of - Making an entire corner store out of felt just for kicks and having that capture the attention of the international art world, anyone? How about becoming an educational ambassador for NASA all because you bought an old, used space suit off of eBay and took incredible pictures in it?

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PINC will never grow up

PINC does not have to prove itself as a unique stage where unexpected small and great stories come alive. PINC has been there for 18 years and always excites. The event continues to attract new visitors and tempt loyal fans to return to Figi in Zeist every second Tuesday in May. That lasting attraction is probably due to the fact that the 'teenager' behaves like a child: playful and receptive, full of wonder and innocence.

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Stefan Sagmeister Joins PINC!

Stefan Sagmeister tells stories through graphic design and typography. This December, he’ll share those stories with PINCers at the Sarasota Opera House.

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