Join PINC.18 with your team

If you want to get even more out of PINC, join PINC with your management team, the eight people who got that specific job done, the staff who stood by you in difficult times or the team who made it possible your company is growing again and for sure there are many, many more options for you to come to PINC with a team.

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Happy Spring from the PINC Family!

Spring has arrived! At PINC, we’ve kind of got a thing for people, ideas, nature and creativity. With spring officially springin’ up to say hello, we thought, “What better time to look back at some of last year’s nature-focused speakers?” And then we answered that thought with, “No better time than the present!

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The PINC Book Exchange

PINC didn’t become “the most creative day in Sarasota” without building up a few traditions along the way. One of our absolute favorites? The famous PINC book exchange!


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