From The Ellen Show to the PINC stage...

Let's rap.

Michael Bonner, the rapping teacher, joins the PINC stage!

Michael Bonner - known better by his second graders as "Mr. Bonner" - came up with a unique way to motivate his students leading up to an important assessment. If they performed well, the class could create their own music video.

"They passed with flying colors."

South Greenville Elementary is a Title 1 school, meaning there’s a high percentage of students from low-income families. Mr. Bonner is always looking for ways to motivate his students and create a fun learning environment.

When he presented his students the opportunity to create their own music video, they loved it - after a few tweaks to his lyrics, of course.

After posting it on his Facebook page, the video quickly went viral.

In fact, it went so viral, Mr. Bonner landed himself an appearance on The Ellen Show (though he didn’t know it until he was called up on stage). Ellen DeGeneres even surprised Mr. Bonner with a $25,000 check from Walmart and a GoFundMe account that had already raised more than $30,000 for improvements at South Greenville Elementary. Mr. Bonner was also presented with donated tablets, drones and other gadgets for the school.

Reading helps us learn information for school, so we can answer questions and we can be cool.

This December, Mr. Bonner takes the PINC stage. And we couldn’t be more excited