Green No Longer

Note: This article was originally published by SRQ Magazine on September 20, 2018.

Begun in 1999 in The Netherlands by Peter and Nelleke Van Lindonk, the annual PINC (People. Ideas. Nature. Creativity.) conference has grown into a yearly celebration for the inquisitive and forward-thinking, the passionate and the bold, bringing speakers from around the world to open their hearts and minds to the audience. The conference has found a new home in Sarasota these past few years, and, under the leadership of Sarasota-based entrepreneur Anand Pallegar and the atLarge team, seems poised to spread even farther, with plans for PINC Detroit in the next year and opportunities beyond. SRQ sat with Lindonk and Pallegar to discuss PINC’s past, present and plans for the future. 


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