PINC’s Culinary Coup

People tend to categorize themselves by a multitude of different characteristics: height, ethnicity, humor, hometown, what they majored in, what instrument they play, how big their family is, and so on. But, I think we can all agree that what counts as the most defining quality one can possess is which of the two categories you fall into: live to eat or eat to live.

PINC draws a very clear line in the sand and makes no bones about picking sides. Eating is part of the adventure and this food has flair to spare.

Perhaps it’s PINC’s European roots that tether it to a focus on commendable cuisine. Maybe co-founder Nelleke van Lindonk always secretly wanted to be a chef. Or it could just be PINC’s almost obsessive attention to detail that lends itself to making sure every morsel ensures PINC’s promise: This is a conference you will never, never, never forget.

By now you should be quite familiar with the nuts and bolts of the conference:

Taken place in Holland for the past 15 years, making its American Debut this November 6th at Florida Studio Theatre.
One day. All day. 9am – 6pm.
6pm – 9pm Haute Cuisine Dinner to follow at The Francis.
16 incredible international speakers from varied disciplines discuss the passion projects that propel them forward and make them leaders in their respective industries.

PINC doesn’t just showcase speakers. It could. It could simply highlight these sixteen speakers and call it a day. But, that’s not PINC’s style. PINC is about making every. single. moment. matter. This is not your typical conference. This is not ‘have a cold croissant and grab a swag bag full of branded notepads and random soaps and fudge.’ This is not about a keynote speaker. This is not a conference you attend to learn three key points about marketing. This is PINC. This is creativity, inspiration and innovation. This is unlike any conference you’ve attended before. Unless you’ve been to PINC in the Netherlands. Then it’s just like that. Only better, since each year improves upon itself. Its momentum is unstoppable.

Alright, now that we’ve established that. Let’s talk turkey.

PINC prides itself on delicious dining options all day long. From recreating Dominique Ansel’s famed cronut, to spicy wasabi, sweet sake and a slew of other sensational sorbets, alllllll the way to a 20-foot long decadent dessert table, PINC serves up creativity from start to finish. Sorry, I was born with a set of sweet teeth, so I tend to call out the confections, but for those of you who dig savory over a sugar rush, know that PINC’ll please your palate just the same.

Seasonal white asparagus gazpacho. A whole table tiered with tomato-based concoctions. Smoked salmon waffle blinis. PINC has it all. A few years back, PINC Netherlands even opted for an ‘American Buffet’ overflowing with colorful produce, freshly baked breads, fish-based soups, pickled veggies and other delights that far surpassed any buffet I’ve ever been to in America.

This year, PINC is partnering with the fine folks at The Francis for a day filled with sweet and savory surprises. Praline bacon. Yuzu pearls. Squash blossoms. Cardamom cream. Yeah.


Yeah, so that’s just eight teeny, tiny culinary words that paint a big ol’ picture of tastes to come. And where there are big tastes, a bit of showmanship is usually close at hand. The Francis isn’t setting out name cards and cloth-draped dining chairs. The Haute Cuisine Dinner is more like an after-party, but for grown-ups. Who eat yuzu pearls. And spend their time listening to world-renowned thought leaders discuss human cell regeneration and microcosms. With the friendly buzz of a backyard barbecue. And all the panache to set Instagram accounts blowing up for days.

Take a peek at some of the feats The Francis has pulled off in the past to get a better idea of what they can cook up for the future.

What’s a good meal without a few leftovers? Here’s what you need to remember, take-aways that can be food for thought…

November 6, 2014
One day, all day event: 9am – 9pm
Florida Studio Theatre
Tickets available for purchase via

Did I mention 20-foot dessert table?

We look forward to spending the day with you!

The PINC Team