The Who and The How and The Little Conference That Could...

At PINC, we always promise a day full of surprises, big and small. Our speakers often surprise the audience with their passion for things most would never dream of - Making an entire corner store out of felt just for kicks and having that capture the attention of the international art world, anyone? How about becoming an educational ambassador for NASA all because you bought an old, used space suit off of eBay and took incredible pictures in it? Riding a motorcycle from the top to the bottom of Africa just because you needed to break free of your stockbroker lifestyle and suddenly discovering a journey that saves lives and restructures entire villages? Yeah. Our speakers are full of surprises. 



2017 PINC.Sarasota speaker Lucy Sparrow



Aside from the main draw of our speakers, we aim to make each and every tiny detail equally astounding, like our unexpected tea-break snacks which have ranged from grapefruit cotton candy and sea urchin popsicles to cups made entirely of chocolate-dipped cookies and filled with frosty cold milk. All of the design materials the day of PINC are only unveiled at the event itself. Our artistic performances have ranged from astounding acrobatics to opera singers to American Idol contestants, and last year the audience was blown away when we rolled out our plans to tackle Detroit next. Our dessert table, our book exchange, our merchandise… every single element is meant to somehow inspire you to think, connect, and smile. 



PINC attendees bring wrapped books that hold significance in their lives. At the end of the day, each attendee takes home a book from the book exchange. 



Though the day itself offers surprising and awe-inspiring moments by the bucketful, what may shock the audience most is just what it takes to pull off PINC with an extremely tiny team, very limited time, and a shoestring budget.

To try and describe everything it takes to go into PINC would take a lot of words and in today's scroll, scroll, scroll world, it's difficult to entice most to read a long-form article without being curled up on the couch with a hot coffee on a Sunday morning. Considering most of you are reading this while you are sitting at your office desks *working* (your secret's safe with us), we'll break this baby up into three smaller, more digestible blogs that explain the who, the how, and, of course, the why behind PINC. 

So, stay tuned and come back for more to find out how an employee-less enterprise puts on a 500-person event, how Year 2 almost sank us, why it always takes a village, and what comes next.