Alexander Kumar

Doctor, Photographer & Explorer

Alexander Kumar is a British born part Indian medical doctor who has lived, worked and travelled through over 80 countries on all 7 continents and is an experienced expedition medic to remote areas of the world. Realizing knowledge and a sense humor weigh nothing, Alex travels light, armed only with a stethoscope and curiosity for life.

Fascinated by life in the Polar Regions from a young age, he followed his heart to the Canadian Arctic, where he completed his dissertation conducting the first piece of research on HIV among Inuit. Later, Alex travelled to Antarctica and spent around one year living at Concordia, a joint French-Italian inland Antarctic research station as the Human Spaceflight Research MD to conduct research for the European Space Agency in an attempt to understand how far human physiology and psychology can be pushed towards a future manned mission to Mars.

He is now specializing in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine is based in Leicester, UK.

Arctic, Doctor, Medical, Exploration, Photography, Netherlands PINC.16, Sarasota 2014