Anna Gadecka

Co-Founder at Bee Saving Paper

Engineering an Oasis for Bees

A few years ago Anna Gadecka noticed bees lying on the path where she was walking. In an effort to keep the bees from being stepped on by passersby, she moved the bees safely to the grass. After her experience, Gadecka Googled “how to save the bees” and discovered that some bees can be saved by providing them sugar water. 

After a century of rapid industrialisation and unprecedented urban development, bees have to fly much further in search of the plants they need for food. Long distances exhaust them. This, among other factors, is putting them on the verge of extinction.

Gadecka was inspired and wondered if she might be able to create a business card made of sugar that would feed the bees. She talked to her colleagues Karolina Pietrzyk, Tomek Bujok, and Michał Sęk about her idea, and with their help and the help of many others, Bee Saving Paper was born. The team created a video on the concept that quickly with viral garnering more than 21 million views on ATTN alone. She currently lives in Poland working to commercialize Bee Saving Paper so everyone can help save the bees.

Sarasota 2018