Chris Maynard

Feather Artist

Reimagining Feathers or Something Worth Tweeting About

"Any Visual artist attempts to capture an essence of life. I feel fortunate to have chosen feathers as my medium because they already retain some of the essence of the birds I portray." Chris Maynard carves feathers into intricate art. His unique art is recognized by art collectors, bird lovers, and a wide and interesting variety of people from around the world.

Maynard, who lives near Olympia, Washington, combines his strong backgrounds in biology and ecology into this art with an aim to foster seeing birds, feathers, and the natural world in new ways. He uses legal to have shed feathers which means that often the feather’s owners, the birds are still alive.

Maynard is a member of Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation.


Feathers, Biology, Ecology, Artists for Conservation, Artist, Netherlands PINC.19