Daniel Houck

Violin Maker

Making Music, One Violin at a Time

Daniel Houck is a man of extreme curiosity, intellect, and talent, with his interests ranging from classical music and occults, to low-riders and even the funeral industry. Though mostly self-taught in his disciplines, Houck is classically trained for violin from age 8, which helped fuel his quest for knowledge as he studied famous violin makers and the art of shaping and creating the instrument.

In Houck’s early teenage years, he joined an Ohio Sheriff’s explorer post which is a division of the Boy Scouts of America that trains young people considering a career in law enforcement. Being taught how rural law enforcement dealt with witchcraft inspired interest in the occult, which has become a life-long study. Many esoteric methods are used in the making of his instruments.

The uniqueness of his self-taught practice crossed Houck’s path with a filmmaker, leading to the creation of “Strad Style,” which was released at the SlamDance Film Festival in Park City, and continued to win both acclaim and audience awards at festivals across the globe. Since, Houck has been approached by some of the finest musicians in the industry and has opened a shop in Cremona, Italy. His newest venture is recreating original compositions in the style of famous old masters, and impressionists such as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, and Anthony Van Dyck.

Sarasota 2020