Daphne Miller

Family Physician and Author

The Jungle Effect

Daphne Miller of San Francisco is not your average family physician. She takes the time to really get to know her patients and seeks ways to treat their ailments beyond simply prescribing medication. She prefers to address the diet and lifestyle choices that are largely responsible for the many health problems she regularly encounters among her patients – problems which include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression and a variety of cancers.

Miller has traveled to regions around the world where these modern diseases are still relatively uncommon, and in each place she has learned some important  prevention secrets. On Crete, she discovered why so few of the island’s inhabitants suffer from heart disease, and in Iceland she learned what may contribute to their low rates of depression. Miller subsequently published her findings in her book The Jungle Effect, which is a cookbook, travelogue and nutrition guide, all rolled into one.

When she is not practicing medicine or writing (for the Washington Post, among others), Miller lectures on nutrition and integrative medicine. In her lectures to physicians at the University of California San Francisco and to audiences around the world, Miller unlocks the healing power of traditional diets and explores the balance and interplay between nature, traditional healing and western medical interventions.

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