Emar Vegt

Senior Sound Engineer at BMW

Acoustic brand communication is a relatively new addition to the marketing mix. The first independent institute for this discipline, the Audio Branding Academy, opened in Hamburg in 2009. In the automotive industry, however, sound has been part of the broader design program somewhat longer. The sound of a Peugeot differs from that of Renault, and it is no coincidence that Chryslers and BMWs each have their own sound.

Industrial designer Emar Vegt graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology with a master’s project for BMW titled “The Sound of Silent Cars.” Since then, Vegt has worked as a sound designer at BMW in Munich. As a member of the design team, he contributes to the distinctive BMW sound, from the purring of the engine to the tick-tock of the indicator and the slamming of the door. Every sound is carefully aligned with the overall experience that BMW intends to offer motorists.

One of the projects the design team is currently exploring is the sound of electric vehicles, addressing both the aesthetics and function of sound.

In addition to his work as sound designer, Emar Vegt has composed and arranged music for various films, theater productions and concerts.

Automotive, Design, Sarasota 2015