Gavin Fox

Creative Director Poke

The Hill Valley Project

Marty McFly’s account is @_M4rtyMcFly and Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown is @_EmmettBrown. Between 25 and 31 October 2013 the main characters of Back to the Future returned to Twitter to mark the 28th anniversary of the date Marty Mcfly first went back in time. To commemorate the occasion, a bunch of fans recreated the chronology of the famous movie with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, in real time, on Twitter. They called it The Hill Valley Project.

Three friends in London’s creative scene came up with the idea to recreate the movie in tweets, using 47 accounts for all the different characters. The complete collection of tweets can still be seen at

‘We did this with the hope to raise awareness for the great work done by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research,’ the makers explain, referring to the organisation’s website ‘We're not in any way affiliated with the charity, we just think it’s a great cause.’

Of course they did it for the fun too. The Hill Valley Project was set in motion by Gavin Fox, Tom Hartshorn together with Martin Rose, creative director at Mother London. 


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