Geert Chatrou

Musician, Whistling World Champion

Geert Chatrou is full of wind. He plays the recorder, the flute, the alto saxophone and the oboe. But he prefers whistling, using only his lips as an instrument. He is a 3 time Whistling World Champion.

After a career in psychiatric nursing and teaching, Geert is now working as a bell tuner at Royal Eijsbouts, the world's leading bell foundry. That's his day job, but he is also a talented musician and lover of classical music. And a cheerful chap who likes to whistle. Which he does very well. So, when his former sister-in-law heard about the whistling world championship in the United States, she entered Chatrou and urged him to go to Louisburg, North Carolina. In April 2004, Chatrou impressed the jury with his whistled version of a concerto by Vivaldi, blowing away 27 other finalists. He then went on to impress the audience by whistling the Stars and Stripes, the U.S. national anthem. After this first victory, he again participated in 2005 (US) and 2008 (Japan). He won both times.

Since his victory, Chatrou has whistled along with both classical as well as jazz musicians all over the world, from Boston to Tokyo, from Helsinki to NYC.

He has whistled several film scores, commercials, made three albums and an audiobook for children.

Competition, Music, Sarasota 2015