Gelareh Kiazand

Filmmaker and Producer

Building bridges between cultures through film

Gelareh Kiazand is an Iranian Filmmaker and Producer that brings truth to life through her research and work. Her fearless determination and insatiable ambition has built bridges between cultures by delivering the untold stories of people who don’t have the means to do so themselves. She worked in Iran’s film industry for six years post graduation, initially working as a film photographer for Iran’s feature films and later as a Director of photography for documentaries. Kiazand also lived in Afghanistan, working as a Creative director and filmmaker, directing a 13-part documentary series all across the country, documenting health and women’s issues. 

Her work has been featured across platforms like VICE, Paramount Studios (serving as second camera unit in Afghanistan for "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"), PBS, ARTE, CH4 UK, History Channel, Al Jazeera, and independent producers - spanning her work across the world. A true female powerhouse, her travels have taken her from being on the front lines during war times as the only woman around, to becoming one of Iran’s first female Directors of Photography for a Cinematic feature film post-revolution. 

Sarasota 2020