James Brett

Founder of the Museum of Everything

Outsider Art

The Museum of Everything is the world’s only travelling museum for undiscovered, unintentional and untrained artists from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Since 2009 over 700,000 people have visited the museum’s installations in London, Turin, Venice, Paris and Moscow. Founder of the museum is British filmmaker and entrepreneur James Brett, who calls himself an accumulator rather then a collector of art.

He opened his museum with the understanding that these artists are rarely invited by curators to participate in regular exhibitions of contemporary art. That they are regarded as so-called 'outsiders' has always disturbed Brett.

‘I personally felt this was wrong. I still do. It smacks of art world segregation – and so my role with The Museum of Everything is to challenge this clearly unjust assumption’, says Brett.

With its exhibitions, projects, and archives The Museum of Everything does everything to promote its artists, often in collaboration with the world's foremost artists, curators and thinkers. In 2013, the museum organized  presentations at the Hayward Gallery and the Venice Biënnale. ‘As it happens, in 2013 the mainstream art world has finally started to catch up,’ says Brett with satisfaction.

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