Joe Mullins

Forensic Artist

The Lost and the Found

A forensic artist since 1999, Joe Mullins has helped identify and trace long term missing children, approximate unknown skeletal remains, and reconstruct faces and soft tissue, paving the way for law enforcement to solve their investigations. A Washington-based forensic imaging specialist, Mullins does workshops and demonstrations of his work across the globe, inspiring and training future forensic artists. 

Mullins trained as a graphic designer before becoming a forensic imaging specialist and studied at Savannah College of Art & Design, attending The FBI Academy for his forensic skills training. In his spare time, he enjoys creating ‘fun but scientific forecasts’ of the future looks of celebrities or how their children might look. Thus, he sketched the future looks of artists like Madonna and predicted the looks of the child Kate Middleton and Prince William of Great Britain were expecting in 2012.

Now, Mullins works with talented students to help solve crimes or answer questions for families with missing relatives as an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University where he teaches graduate students in the Forensic Science Department and as an Instructor at the New York Academy of Art where he teaches a unique Forensic Sculpture course. Joe is a certified Forensic Artist by the International Association for Identification. 

Sarasota 2020