Kathy Bryan

Human Trafficking Survivor

Finding Joy in the Journey

Kathy Bryan believes we can one day live in a world where people value one another, that one individual's freedom never trumps another's, and no one drives in the turning lane...well maybe not that last one.

A gifted speaker, consultant, mentor, author, and survivor of human trafficking, Bryan works tirelessly to communicate the truths of trafficking in America, having trained thousands of medical professionals, law enforcement, community service providers, and faith-based communities both in the U.S. and abroad. Her ability to illuminate truth in a palatable, engaging manner leads the listener to heightened understanding, inspiring action. 

In addition to speaking and consulting, Bryan serves as Director of Elevate Academy and Lead Mentor, for the Rebecca Bender Initiative, where she empowers other survivors on their journeys to obtain fullness of freedom from their horrific ordeals. She has testified several times before the Arkansas Congress, resulting in the passage of three new laws, is a consultant for the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign, and various anti-trafficking organizations. 
There is much to be found in her wheelhouse, ultimately, though, her heart beats for helping people understand each other, which fosters empathy and a foundation for unity. 

Sarasota 2018