Keimpe de Heer

Entrepreneur Creative Industry

Smartphones in the classroom

“In a changing environment, it’s important to keep reinventing yourself, daring to change with the times,” says Keimpe de Heer, director of the Creative Learning Lab of the Waag Society. Teachers, for instance, should try to overcome their aversion to students using Smartphone’s in their class. There are countless ways in which these mobile information devices enrich education by providing an unlimited access to learning and inspire creative expression.

Creative Learning Lab of the Waag Society researches and develops creative applications of new emerging technologies for education. Since 1995 Creative Learning Lab has been an innovative and influential centre of expertise on creativity, technology and education in the Netherlands. The Lab researches the possibilities technology offer children and young people in the way they learn and express themselves.

Keimpe de Heer studied communication and informatics, as well as new media and digital culture at the University of Utrecht. In addition to his work for the Waag Society, his own company Extelligentsia seeks to develop new concepts by forging interdisciplinary links between various fields to knowledge.

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