Mark Verge

Extreme Balloon Sculptor

Seven-Time International Balloon Sculpting Champion

One day on a whim, Mark Verge picked up a balloon kit to see if he could learn how to make a balloon dog. His curiosity quickly became an obsession, and his balloon dog morphed into a life-size, anatomically-correct tyrannosaurus rex balloon skeleton.

Verge began working larger and larger entertainment gigs, and eventually decided to quit his factory job to become a full-time balloon artist. Since he made the leap, he has been named the world-champion large balloon sculptor seven times. 

Verge is credited with making the first, full balloon costume, balloon dress, life-size dinosaurs and geometric sculptures. His larger sculptures take 45 - 70 hours to complete and have been featured in numerous commercials shown around the world. His talent for visualizing and creating unbelievable pieces has led him to entertainment, competition, and teaching opportunities in Hong Kong, Belgium, China, the Netherlands, the United States, in addition to his home country of Canada. 

Sarasota 2018