Michaël Ferron


Michaël Ferron is an outsider, both in photography and art. He is indebted to the perfectly finished still lifes of Irving Penn as well as the conceptual tradition in the visual arts. The turning point in his career came in 1992, when he had a photo assignment with the famous violist Yehudi Menuhin. Menuhin pushed him to annoy people with his own ideas. And that is what Ferron did. He has won several prizes in advertising, the European Environmental Award and the Academy of Newsdesign Award of Excellence.

As a virtuoso photographer with more than 30 years of experience, Ferron considers himself a relentless translator of the contemporary human condition. He uses technique and light as a lubricant to bring out the underlving ideas of his work. His photos stand out for their fantasy, humor and unconventional use of light and color. Last year, he opened a shop called ‘the house of Ferron’ in the museum quarter in Amsterdam, where he shows, among others, his ‘needlepoint’ work of famous Dutch painters.

Ferron began his studies at the Fotoacademie in Apeldoorn, after which he attended the Pratt University in New York. While in NY, Ferron worked with Hans Neleman, renowned photographer and member of the board of International Photographer’s guild and with Mary Ellen Mark, documentary photographer. He has had numerous exhibitions throughout the Netherlands as well as Lincoln Center in NYC. Ferron also represented the Dutch photography world at the celebration of the European Union where he took exclusive photos of former French president François Mitterand.

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