Michel Rojkind


Transforming a City One Building at a Time

Rojkind is a rock star in the most literal sense of the term, having traded a gig drumming for one of Mexico’s most popular bands of the 1990s for an uncertain future as an architect.

And then there is the extent to which Rojkind Arquitectos—the firm he founded in 2002—has managed to impose a sense of order in pockets of the famously crowded and cacophonous Mexican capital.  It’s this element that has distinguished Rojkind from his peers and positioned him and his firm in the vanguard of a new generation of Mexican architects. His firm is focused on design, tactical and experiential innovation. While addressing the challenges of contemporary life, his goal is to design compelling architectural and urban planning solutions that go beyond mere functionality and become integral experiences connecting the intricacies of each project at a deeper level and positively impacting our society and the environment.

In 2010, Rojkind was named as one of the “Country’s Most Treasured Architects” by the Mexican Civil Registry and “…one of the most influential architects of contemporary Mexican scene” in 2013 by Forbes Magazine.

Design, Contemporary, Innovation, Architect, Sarasota 2016