Nadja Schnetzer

Founder, Brainstore & Words and Deeds

Nadja Schnetzler is one of the founders of BrainStore, the world’s first Idea Factory, and author of the book The Idea Machine, a method for systematic idea development that she co-created and used in over 600 projects. Since 2012 she has her own company, Word and Deed.

Her motto is "How can I inspire you?," as she wants companies, teams and individuals to approach innovation, collaboration and communication in new ways that are fit for the challenges of the future.

Schnetzler lives in Biel/Bienne, a bilingual city in Switzerland, with her family. She works with individuals, small teams, NGOs and big corporations on all continents. To inspire others, she searches for inspiration herself every day, in every field, using all tools and gadgets available to the curious digital nomad, and sharing her findings with her large network.

Schnetzler also has a very big passion for Baroque Music, Mexican Cuisine (as she grew up in Mexico) and her blog, Hands Off Parenting.

Author, Publishing, Sarasota 2014