Pashon Murray

Co-founder Detroit Dirt

Aiming for Zero Organic Waste in Detroit

Pashon Murray is an activist and environmental entrepreneur who is changing the carbon footprint of Detroit by diverting thousands of tons of food waste away from landfills into a closed-loop composting system. Murray co-founded Detroit Dirt in 2010 and created the Detroit Dirt Foundation in 2017 to promote zero-waste, landfill-free practices. As she trailblazes the organics diversion model, her mission brings awareness to the global carbon revolution. She’s dedicated to education and creating pathways for future generations with a focus on healthy soils. 

Murray’s exceptional work has been widely recognized. She is an MIT Media Lab Director's Fellow; some of her accolades include: the Trailblazing Award from the Marketing & Sales Executives of Detroit (2016); the Environmental Achievement Award from the Environmental Management Association (2018); and the Green Business Award from the Detroit City Council’s Green Task Force (2018). Murray has also been recognized by Newsweek, Forbes, Fortune, and President Obama's first-ever Demo Day, among many more.

Sarasota 2018