Pieke Bergmans

Product Designer

Intriguing Irregularities

“No two people are the same. You won’t even find two hairs on your head that are the same. I really wish that was the case for more products we see on our shelves. The next step in mass production could be controlled imperfection of products, so that they become interesting personal objects,” says Pieke Bergmans, whose ingenious objects made of glass, porcelain and other materials have graced the pages of dozens of design and home interior magazines around the world. Bergmans is inspired by industrial processes, which she manipulates until intriguing irregularities arise – as if a virus has infected the production process. Her products are called viruses, due to their natural forms and the way they come to life. But eventually, the biggest virus of them all is the designer in person. Manipulating standard production processes is by all means viral behaviour.

Bergmans studied in Breda and Arnhem, at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, and at the Royal College of Art in London. She works from her Studio Design Virus in Amsterdam and also has her Gallery Design Virus in Milan. Her work has been exhibited by museums, including Victoria & Albert Museum, Design Museum London, Design Sight Tokyo, etc.

If Bergmans has her way, the Design Virus will spread until it becomes a global epidemic.


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