Richard McGuire

Visual Artist

The Windows of History in One Room

When Richard McGuire as a young artist who just had moved to New York first saw Microsoft Windows, this was his eureka moment. “When I saw these multiple windows, I thought, with multiple windows you can have different times in the same space!”, he told recently. The revelation was the spark that led to ‘Here’, a six-page comic strip that depicted thousands of years of history within the boundaries of a suburban living room.  

Another influence was, McGuire said, “the photographs that my mom used to take in one location, every year, at Christmastime,” of the kids as they grew up, changing over time. ‘Here’ was published in 1989 in RAW, the famous magazine edited by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly. McGuire let the idea rest for many years, concentrating on drawing covers for The New Yorker and designing childrens books, before picking it up again in 2014. ‘Here’ is now a complete book, miraculously condensing thousands of years of American life into a few dozen pages.

McGuire is also a musician, a visual artist, a children’s-book author, and an animator. He studied visual art at Rutgers – currently Mason Gross School of the Arts – in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the late seventies.


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