Robert Szucs

Digital Cartographer

Making maps that inspire

Robert Szucs is a digital cartographer-turned-artist from Hungary, who decided to leave the boring office jobs behind and spend his time and generosity volunteering his mapmaking skills for NGOs around the world. Only to run out of money and go back into cubicles, continuing the cycle of adventurous volunteering and replenishing his funds in cubicles. His work spanned the globe from archaeologists on the tiny Caribbean island of St. Eustatius, to marine biologists in Alaska and Portugal, to an orangutan conservation program in Indonesian Borneo, and more.


After a few years of being part of the love-hate cycle, he accidentally started his own business, by sharing the results of his passion projects online. Now Szucs makes colourful, artistic, yet scientifically accurate maps under the name Grasshopper Geography, which have been featured on CNN, BBC, The Washington Post and everywhere else in between. Realizing how millions of people connected with his work, he intends to aid green and sustainable efforts with his future work.

Sarasota 2020