Sophie Hollingsworth

Modern Explorer

If Indiana Jones and Martha Stewart had a baby, it would be Sophie Hollingsworth. All about adventure and food, passion for cooking and the outdoors has always been with her but was galvanized when she moved to Australia and bought a vintage Landcruiser. Deep in the outback, Hollingsworth discovered the beauty of a kitchen free of countertops, stoves, and fluorescent lighting, bringing her kitchen to the outdoors. 


An avid sailor and the youngest female to hold a 200-ton MCA Yachtmaster Captains License, Sophie has sailed across the Pacific Ocean, taken expeditions in the mountains of Madagascar, and toured the streets of Managua. Her passion for adventure and documenting indigenous ways of life has led her to descending uncharted rivers in Madagascar, desert transect treks in Namibia, and ethnographic research in the Republic of Vanuatu. 


Hollingsworth’s work has been featured by National Geographic and the United Nations. She holds a Bachelors in Environmental Science and Global Public Health from New York University, a Master of Health Security from the University of Sydney, and a certificate in Global Health and Security from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government. She is Post-Graduate Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a Youth Representative to the United Nations, and an International Fellow of The Explorers Club.

Sarasota 2020