Thomas Poulsom

Tree Surgeon & Lego Builder

The Beauty of Lego Birds

“LEGO isn’t just a kids toy, it’s an art medium. Some people like to paint or draw, I like to create with LEGO,” says Tom Poulsom, a gardener and tree surgeon from Bristol, who enjoys spending his evenings creating LEGO birds.

He now has dozens of birds in his collection, from tiny robins and kingfishers, to parrots, a toucan, a snowy owl and a penguin. “I try to make them look as lifelike as possible,” said Poulsom in an interview. “I start with a predominant feature, like their beak or eye, and then scale the rest of the bird around. it”

Poulsom has now created various series featuring birds from Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. He plans to extend the collection to include birds from every continent and hopes to convince LEGO to turn his designs into official products. To do so, he needs support from the public. If he gets 10,000 supporters, Poulsom says there’s a good chance LEGO will take his birds into production.