Thomas Thwaites


‘Post humanism, trans humanism technology and stuff, is about allowing humans to achieve their desires in a way. And I guess that some people’s desires aren’t necessarily to become super intelligent,’ Thomas Thwaites said in an interview. Not everyone will necessarily want to be a super efficient cyborg, Thwaites reckons.

Thomas Thwaites is a British designer whose work examines the interaction of science, technology and culture in shaping our present society, and possible futures. He uses a broad range of media and techniques, resulting in objects and installations, film or texts. His work draws on research in a diverse range of subject areas including biology, economics, philosophy and materials science.

Thwaites’ work has been acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum for their permanent collection, and is exhibited frequently and internationally, including at the National Museum of China, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, the Science Museum (London), and the Zero 1 Biennial (California).

His first book, The Toaster Project, published by Princeton Architectural Press to critical acclaim, describes Thwaites’ attempt to make an electric toaster from scratch. It has been translated into Korean and Japanese editions. His second book, written about his project to take a holiday from being human by becoming a goat, is to be released in May 2016.

Science, Technology, Culture, Design, Netherlands PINC.17