Tim Dodd

The Everyday Astronaut

Bringing Space Down to Earth

Tim Dodd, better known as the "Everyday Astronaut," is a professional photographer, science communicator and public speaker based out of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

The project began in 2013 when he found himself the lone bidder of a Russian flight suit.

Everyday Astronaut is an art project gone rogue, which has become a vessel of science communication and spaceflight advocacy. His mission? To bring space down to Earth for everyday people. He does this through fun, funny and factual original content as a man-child in a used Russian space suit on YouTube and Instagram.

Tim’s work has been recognized internationally. His Everyday Astronaut series was featured on Instagram in 2016 and it was chosen as Flickr’s featured artist of the week in 2014. His work has been featured by CNN, Vice, The Chive, NBC’s the TODAY show, Buzzfeed’s top posts, and MSN, among others

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