Tristan Gooley

Natural Navigator, Author

Natural TomTom

Adventurer Tristan Gooley teaches people that they can enrich their journeys by finding their way without a map, compass or GPS. Those with a sharp eye soon discover that there are more than enough natural signposts pointing them in the right direction.

At his natural navigation school, Gooley offers courses in the almost forgotten art of navigating with the aid of the sun, moon, stars, weather patterns, plants and animals. Gooley has extensively tested these skills during his many expeditions on five continents. He climbed mountains in Europe, Africa and Asia, crossed oceans in tiny boats, and flew a light aircraft across Africa and to the South Pole. Gooley is the only person in the world who has crossed the Atlantic solo by air and water.

Gooley has written about his travels and natural navigation for the BBC, the New York Times, Geographical Magazine, Yachting Monthly and the Financial Times. His latest book, a sequel to his first book The Natural Navigator, is called The Natural Explorer, Understanding Your Landscape. Gooley is also vice-chairman of Trailfinders, a travel agency offering tailor-made voyages to travellers. It’s motto: “We aim to always exceed the expectations of our clients, staff and suppliers.”

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