Tyler Thrasher

Artistic Chemist

Tyler Thrasher has always had an untamed fascination with science and nature, taking strides to hold onto his childlike curiosity and wonder. Seeking ways to collaborate with nature, Thrasher started to incorporate scientific and mused observations into his creative and artistic practice. As a caver and underground explorer, he found his first glimpses of inspiration from the natural and microscopic elements surrounding him, driving his research and experimentation with crystal synthesis, cultivation of rare plants, and enhancement in understanding the natural, subterranean world through the lens of chemistry and art. 

After graduating from Missouri State University with a BFA, Thrasher spent most of his time exploring, reacting to, and prodding nature, taking any chance he could to hike, explore caves, find rare plants, and dance alongside the fundamental principles of molecular chemistry. He adventures and discovers with many disciplines including chemistry, illustration, painting, photography, music, and more. Thrasher’s work is constantly evolving through his endless curiosity and experimentation. His current goal to synthesize opal and make the world’s first synthetically opalized specimens.

Sarasota 2020