Vicky Mohieddeen


Vicky Mohieddeen is creative projects manager for Koryo Tours, the world’s leading North Korea travel specialist. Based in Beijing since 2008, her personal portfolio as a filmmaker and editor includes diverse works of video installation, feature length and short non-fiction and experimental film work, as well as mobile phone photography showcased to her 10k+ followers on Instagram.

In 2009, she founded Electric Shadows, a non-profit film collective, which, through a variety of different film screenings and installation events, has played a key role in helping shape the evolution of public cinema in Beijing. The organization has screened films on the walls of Beijing’s ancient hutongs, on trains, in art spaces, as well as the rooftops of bars, cinemas and theatres across the city.

Her work with Koryo Tours has taken her to North Korea more than 20 times and ranges from coordinating overseas submissions to the Pyongyang International Film Festival, to producing ground-breaking work within the country itself, such as the viral time-lapse video Enter Pyongyang. Her most recent project, working with 3D photographer Matjaz Tancic, is the most wide-ranging portraiture series ever undertaken in North Korea, and recently became the first art photography exhibition ever to be shown in Pyongyang. 

As a woman working in the field of North Korean engagement, she has been compared to Leni Riefenstahl, had her appearance critiqued as often as her work, and been on the receiving end of anonymous comments calling for her violent suppression.

Documentary, Filmmaking, Sarasota 2015