PINC – A Bubble Bath For Your Brain

PINC is People, Ideas, Nature, and Creativity. It's a one-day, conference-style experience delivered by a cascade of international speakers from every imaginable discipline, skill, and talent you can think of, and many of you had no clue it even existed. Speakers range from Iditarod champions, the founder of Vertical Farming, a famous felt artist and a lawyer whose territory is outer space, all the way to Nobel Prize winners, perfume virtuosos, a Master Acoustician, and the doctor who performed the first hand transplant.

Whether a speaker or a guest, the PINC experience attracts creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, specialists, designers, artists, scientists, and any one looking to stimulate their minds and souls. It's an opportunity to participate in an eclectic mix of fundamental pieces that create the human experience.

If you want to be inspired, you want to be at PINC.


PINC is a year-long process that culminates into a one-day event that brings together thought leaders, from speakers to sponsors to guests, from around the world. More than a dozen speakers take the stage for approximately 20-minutes each to showcase their extreme dedication and enthusiasm for their given profession or skill. It's an experience based on holistic solutions and breakthrough ideas. Some elements are inspired by nature, others are made possible by technology, all are motivated by an unyielding passion. PINC is about what is possible when we allow wonder to drive innovation and empathy to steer creativity.

PINC presents the opportunity to change the way we view our work, our lives and the world, to see the creative opportunities all around us and put those insights to good use. It’s more than entertainment; it’s art and culture and science and business and community.


For close to 20 years, PINC has inspired audiences with unexpected surprises and mesmerizing storytelling. The van Lindonk family produced the first annual PINC.Netherlands in 1999. After meeting the van Lindonks in Sarasota, Florida, DreamLarge Founder Anand Pallegar committed to bringing PINC to the Sunshine State, and on November 6, 2014 that dream was realized. PINC premiered to a sold-out audience at Florida Studio Theatre. Only two years later, the event moved to the historic Sarasota Opera House to accommodate the high demand for tickets. Since its debut, PINC has cemented its reputation as Sarasota’s must-attend event of the season and the most creative day in town.


PINC was acquired by DreamLarge in 2016 and is now one of the leading initiatives under DreamLarge, the philanthropic (benefit) arm of atLarge. Born from one principle – Wherever we are, whatever we do, we have a duty to serve our community. PINC found a perfect home in DreamLarge, whose sole purpose is to enrich the communities we serve through originative and thoughtful initiatives that foster human connection, positive growth, and collaboration.